The shop is located in the Cavana district, in the historic centre of Trieste. The area is almost entirely pedestrianised and is characterised by narrow, steep alleys. There are numerous restaurants, workshops and ateliers.
Located inside a beautiful nineteenth-century building called 'casa Grion', it is characterised by two large arches, very high ceilings and two large shop windows overlooking via Felice Venezian.
In 2012, when Antonella took over the place, a major renovation was carried out. The architect Francesca Petz has created a cosy and familiar atmosphere, according to Antonella's wishes. Mixing industrial salvaged furnishings with contemporary design objects and lighting fixtures, she has created a place that is not just a shop but an intimate environment, where you can chat and meet friends, sharing passions and light-heartedness.
In 2021 a new important event, again coordinated by architect Petz, will give Stranomavero a new light.
The handcrafted work done on the furniture, walls and display structures highlights that materiality that is so important for sight and touch, and a new lighting system puts clothes and accessories back at the centre, the real stars of the scene. 
New lights, colours and textures make the route through the shop areas even more intuitive and intimate.