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Stranomavero has come home.
Since Antonella began to create her bijoux, she has wanted a place to show them. Where people could feel at ease, where perfumes and music mingle together, giving life to a comfortable environment.

With unequalled commitment, she constantly looks for clothes and collections to match her necklaces. Her preferred choice are companies and people who have a story to tell, whose management offer passion and creativity and who have the desire to share.

This new project has been alive for a couple of years. Some collections are Stranomavero signature, and come from the collaboration between Antonella and some small textile companies.

Stranomavero Bijoux

The jewelery is made of anodized aluminum, an innovative material for creating jewelry, absolutely nickel free.

Thanks to the anodizing process, the exterior appearance of the aluminum wire is embellished. Ready to be worn.

In addition to anodised aluminium in various colours and thicknesses, cotton, wood and resin beads are also used, with a continuous search for exclusive materials to customize the creations with originality.

Some Stranomavero bijoux


Norma Collection

Officina Stranomavero Trieste
From Saturday 21 April ...
A special collection in Italian Como silk dedicated to Norma, my mother!
From the 15th to the 30th we are celebrating!

The newest collection

Summer is coming!
We are waiting for you, to introduce brand new craft sandals.

Have you been invited to a wedding?

Have you been invited to a wedding?

Are you going out to dinner...?

Trieste clothing store
Handcrafted sandals, beautiful and light. Leather on your skin ... fantastic!

The window display opens... this week

Creative Bijoux crafts

Antonella Caprioli Pendant for Stranomavero

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Always unique pieces.

"Amarcord" necklace collection by Antonella Caprioli for Stranomavero

Who I am

Amo la mia città, Trieste.
"How often is the act of ‘creating with your hands’ the way to let off all the creative energy inside us? And producing art for artists often becomes a cure for your inner well-being, almost a liberation from a force which is too exuberant to be caged, that is how it is for me, a jewelry designer, who likes to shape the most distinctive materials with her hands, experimenting and letting thought and feeling flow into my creations. During the night, and with poor materials, I developed my method by hand, and I started the search for innovative materials and customizations. From this, the aluminium wires that are anodized specifically in my favourite colours were born, and which are at the base of the my creations: Aluminum, to which I then I add wool and cotton threads, wooden beads that I process and personalize, resin details and the continuous search for more and more exclusive materials to personalize my creations. "

"My natural creativity is combined with the commercial spirit acquired by working in my father's warehouse, clothing retailer and wholesale, bringing me to open, in 2007, Stranomavero, where I offer my creations side by side with garments from small craft companies. I like everything that I choose, everything I have to offer, I wear it and I love it. Stranomavero is the synthesis of my personality. "


Antonella Caprioli

She is Lara Perentin

All images of the site are her shots.

Today's creations ...




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