Il Natale 2021 di Stranomavero

The new Christmas lights and decorations have come on in the windows of Stranomavero.
This year I had decided to change everything up a bit. So, in November, I went on a three-day tour of the area between Padua and Udine in search of something new. With a bit of effort and commitment I managed to find something that excited me. But... a problem arose. What to do with the decorations from past years that I had loved so much? Brilliant idea: I offer them to our customers who can decorate their homes with a piece of Stranomavero. On Sunday 21 November, it was exciting to see the enthusiasm and happiness of the people who were buying the decorations and lights from previous years.
I was able to move on with the satisfaction of not leaving beautiful things in storage.
We put up the new Christmas decorations and lights on Wednesday 1 December and will be sharing them with everyone who visits us throughout December.